Get Ready to HEAL & Access Your Soul’s Magic and Joy!


What if I can’t make it to all of the sessions?

We’re all busy. I get that. I also know that you deserve to be free, happy, successful, and healthy. The tools and techniques in this series are going to make a BIG impact on your health and happiness. This is why I have decided to offer this whole series to you to watch at any time for LIFE!

When you purchase lifetime access to this series, you will have access to all of these experts and their tools whenever you need them. Any time, anywhere.


and their inspiring perspectives, techniques, tools, and workshops with you to come back to again and again?

Some of these workshops are entirely too good to just check out once, and your inner child deserves to access the healing and transformative tools that each speaker has to offer more than just once.

Just think of how you felt after ONE of these amazing sessions. Can you imagine how you will feel if you continue to revisit these practices over and over? The amount of transformation that you will create will be profound, and your inner child will thank you.


Watch each workshop and do the exercises over and over again from any place, any time. When you purchase the series, you will have access to each session in both audio and video format.


Continue the Journey of Healing and Joyful Transformation



These world-class healers, creativity muses, spiritual teachers, and thought leaders have all joined together in this series to offer their BEST tools and techniques for healing emotional wounds, accessing your soul’s magic, and using PLAY to transform your life!


And you can have access to it whenever you like.

Devorah Spilman
The Power of Story

Andrea Theisz
Emotional Freedom

Cindy Hively
The Nature of the Inner Child

Jenny Berk
Food and the Inner Child

Helena Reilly
Sound and Healing

Aileen Castellano
Trust, Heal, Play, and Dream

Lisa Campion
Protecting the Inner Child

Sally Gray
Rewriting Your Story for Profound Healing TODAY

Michelle Rusk
The Mind, The Body, and the Inner Child

Tamar Gail
Accessing JOY and Healing Through Movement

Sarah-Jane Farell
Initiating Profound Healing

Dr. Edwige
Discover Your Joy

Kristina Campbell
Sexuality and Play

Gurutej khalsa
Bringing Joy Into the Moment

Dr. Mario Martinez
The Secret to Staying Young

Lisa Marie Grantham
Access Your Soul's Magic

Mary England
Embracing PLAY

Allana Pratt
Tap Into Your Power

Tamara Laporte
Using Art to Connect With Your Inner Child

Tamaey Gottuso
Creating Dreams

Ann Christiansen
Access Your JOY!

Lindsey Fitzgibbons
Deep Connection with the Inner Child

Heather Allison
Accessing True Abundance
Annette Poliwka
Connecting to your Inner Child Through Nature

Jennifer Riley
Step Into Your Power

Tina Dowdy
Changing Your Money Story

JoYce van der Lely
Finding Your Force

Nikki Gangemi
Mindfulness and the Inner You

Amanda Elo'esh
Creating Success

Corin Grillo
Inner Child Magic

DK Brainard
Healing the Wounded Child

PJ Dixon
Love and Laughter

This is what upgrading will get you…

30+ Video Retreat Workshops to Keep

You will get lifetime access to over 30 amazing retreat workshops from experts PLUS bonus interviews from previous summits. Feel free to watch each workshop & do the exercises over and over again from the comfort of your home, or on the road (just don’t close your eyes if you’re driving!).

Audio downloads of all 30+ sessions +BONUS!

Want to access your Inner Child Zen on the go? We took each of the retreat sessions and turned them into audio format just for you! You can access these, plus BONUS content from anywhere at any time.

(INNER CHILD MAGIC UPGRADE) Access to an EXCLUSIVE and Intimate Member’s Only Facebook Group

Throughout the series (and beyond) join your host, Toni Black, and an intimate group of tribe members for live Q&A sessions, close community support in a safe and secure sharing space. In addition, we will be going even deeper into the material with bonus trainings that will be available to you for as long as you need.

(INNER CHILD MAGIC UPGRADE) A 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Toni Black

The holistic wellness coach and joy muse herself. If it is true clarity and direction you are looking for in any aspect of your LIFE, this is your opportunity to really treat yo’self. At the end you will walk away feeling clear, connected with JOY, and on your path to health.

Hi! I’m Toni Black

I am a mind/body magic coach, an educator, and a JOY muse that is here to help you create health and happiness in ALL aspects of life.

By focusing on healing and accessing the magic of the inner child, as well as though mind-body techniques, I guide people to finding their soul’s truth, and then creating vibrantly healthy lifestyles that work!

I have worked with people in accessing their soul’s gifts for the past 20 years as a teacher, a mentor, and a coach. Seeing people live out their soul’s purpose and creating healthy habits that are unique to them is pure magic, and I thrive on seeing others stepping into this soulful empowerment.

My mission is to help highly sensitive individuals tap into the pure healing magic and truth their inner child is waiting to reveal to them so they can create vibrantly healthy, JOYful lives.